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Tecnica®SEB is a pre-built, pre-cut, multi layered barrier designed to prevent the passage of fire between compartment floors at the edge of slabs, offering acoustic isolation and waterproofing whilst still allowing for building movement.

There are multi build-up possibilities within the product range which offer differing engineered solutions and capabilities. The products have integral aluminium foil facings to prevent fibre migration and excellent resistance to smoke. All the Tecnica®SEB Range as a stonewool non-combustible base.

 A unique patented method of manufacture provides a lateral compression required to ensure a tight fit to allow building movement, the abutting edge of the product is a flexible intumescent seal.

Certification & Testing

  • Testing in accordance with EN1366-4:2009 – Fire Resistance
  • Tested in accordance with BS476pt 22
  • Tested in accordance with EN10140-2:2010 – Airborne Sound


Cavity Barrier TDS Jan 2021
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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Tecnica SEB PID Sept 2018
Product Information Document (PID)
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Tecnica Seb SDS Nov 2016
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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