Pyrolastic® Silicone Sealant

Pyrolastic 8

Pyrolastic® Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant is a one-part, neutral-curing, fire resistant silicone sealant for construction. Pyrolastic® cures at room temperature under the action of atmospheric moisture to give a permanently flexible silicone rubber. Pyrolastic® is used to reinstate the fire resistance of wall and floor constructions in linear joints and where apertures are penetrated by multiple services

Supplied in 310ml, 380ml cartridges and 600ml foils in various colours.

Certification & Testing

  • Tested in accordance with EN1366-3:2009 – Fire Resistance – Penetration Seals
  • Tested in accordance with EN1366-4:2009 – Fire Resistance – Linear Seals
  • Classified in accordance with EN13501-2 – Fire Resistance
  • CE Marked – ETA 15-0179
  • Conditioned in accordance with EOTA TR024 – X Type
  • Certifire Accreditation – CF511
  • ULEU Accreditation
  • UAE Certificate of Compliance
  • Tested in accordance with EN10140-2:2010 – Airborne Sound
  • Tested in accordance with EN1026:2000 - Air Permeability

    Pyrolastic cartridge 310ml5


Pyrolastic Silicone TDS Jan 2018
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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Pyrolastic Silicone PID Sept 2018
Product Information Document (PID)
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Certifire Certificate
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Pyrolastic Silicone SDS Feb 2019
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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