PipeBloc® EL

EL 01

PipeBloc®EL Wrap is designed and tested to seal service penetrations in apertures containing combustible plastic pipes and pipes with insulation.

PipeBloc®EL has been developed utilizing specialist intumescent technologies which result in the wrap expanding in the presence of heat or fire. This expansion is fast acting and up to 25 times. The expanding wrap fills the void left by combusting materials and remains in place, exerting a pressure on the surrounding substrate upholding the fire resistance of the compartment.

Certification & Testing

  • Tested in accordance with EN1366-3:2009 – Fire Resistance – Penetration Seals
  • Classified in accordance with EN13501-2 – Fire Resistance
  • CE Marked – ETA 15-0491
  • Conditioned in accordance with EOTA TR024 – X Type
  • Certifire Accreditation – CF5368
  • ULEU Accreditation
  • UAE Certificate of Compliance

Pipebloc EL 1


PipeBloc EL TDS March 2018
TDS (Technical Data Sheet)
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PipeBloc EL PID Sept 2018
PID (Product Information Document)
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Certifire Certificate
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Pipebloc EL SDS Nov 2016
SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
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