900ml Pyrocoustic Cartridge

900ml Pyrocoustic Cartridge

Pyrocousitc Tube 900ml 11
FSi now offer a 900ml  Pyrocoustic® Sealant cartridge, ideal when installing significant runs of linear seals, often saving time and cost in Dry Lining applications.  
Pyrocoustic is used to reinstate the fire resistance of wall and floor constructions, to maintain the acoustic isolation and to uphold the air tightness of a compartment. 
Testing to Global standards:
EN 1366-3            
EN 1366-4                   
EN 13501-1          
EN 13501-2
EN 10140              
EN 1026                      
EN 717-1         
ASTM-E 1966 UL 2079                   
ASTM D2369-10
LEED 2009-EQ041 SCAQMD         
CAN/UL 115-11 - ULus & ULc Listed
1121-CPR-JA5009, ETA 13/1069 & ETA 13/1070
UL-EU 0500-M1
Certifire CF517
SPEARS Approved
BREEAM International Approved
UAE Certificate of Compliance

DATE: 24-11-2017 POSTED BY: Ben Peach

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