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What is Built in Fire Protection?

Welcome to FSi Limited, energetically and intelligently delivering a variety of fire stopping and environmental solutions to meet all current market needs. Our website is the portal to offer a unified source of information across all of the company's disciplines and captures the range of activities offered by FSi Limited. 

Built-In Fire Protection or Fire Stopping is a method of compartmentalisation within a building that needs to be protected against the passage of fire and smoke, whilst still allowing for the penetration of services through fire rated walls and floors.

We call this BUILT-IN Fire Stopping.

FSi Ltd products are also tested and certified to maintain the acoustic and air tightness of building elements.

Download our Technical Handbook for a detailed overview of the FSi product range.

The FSi Product Room showing our product Built-In as part of the Fire Stopping Strategy.

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Developmental Services

Did you know we now offer developmental services as well as our physical products?


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